Dr. Kramer Award

A.        PURPOSE:  To solicit nominations and select the recipient of the “Dr. Kramer Award” given by the Section each year.
B.        STRUCTURE:  Consists of a Chair and at least three (3) other members. 
C.        MEETINGS, DUTIES AND REPORTS: The committee shall solicit entries, judge the entries and award the prize in accordance with the following guidelines:
ELIGIBILITY - Eligibility for the prize is limited to active members of the Missouri Section AWWA and student members of AWWA attending college in the State of Missouri.  The prize shall not be awarded to the same individual in consecutive years.
TIME OF ENTRY - All papers submitted for consideration for the prize must be submitted to the Chair of the Dr. Kramer Award Committee by February 1 immediately preceding the next Annual Conference.  Papers submitted after that date will be considered for the following year’s prize.
SCOPE OF ENTRY - Papers submitted for judging shall pertain to some aspect of water utility research, design, or operations.  Such subjects include, but are not specifically limited to, the following: treatment plant design, operation or maintenance, utility design, testing, water quality research, development of water resources utility operation economics, utility administration, utility accounting and billing procedures, etc.
FORM OF ENTRY – A copy of the manuscript shall be submitted electronically via email, on CD for mailing, or as a hard copy and mailed.  All papers shall be submitted in the form described in Information for Contributors:  Submission of Papers.  A link to the latest version of this document may be accessed at the website www.awwa.org.  Select E-Journal from the Communications drop-down menu.  It is suggested that those interested in submitting papers refer to this document which details the JOURNAL’S style on titles, footnotes, abbreviations, figures, tables, etc. 
JUDGING THE CONTEST - The judging of all papers submitted for competition shall be done by the Missouri Section AWWA Dr. Kramer Award Committee.  The committee will determine its own method of rating papers.  However, the winning paper should contain the following qualities:

1.  The paper should provide timely and useful knowledge to a good share of the members of the section.

2.  The paper should be written in readily understandable style; however, it should maintain professional qualities.

3.  The paper should contain facts and material that are well substantiated.

FORM OF THE PRIZE - The prize shall consist of a $500 check (may be split among multiple authors) and a commemorative plaque, both to be awarded at the Annual Conference.
PUBLICATION RIGHTS - Submission of a paper to the committee for judging shall constitute a granting of publication rights to the Missouri Section AWWA, and the Section Chair may submit any paper to the AWWA JOURNAL for publication.
WHEN PRIZE IS AWARDED - The prize may be awarded annually at the Annual Conference of the Missouri Section AWWA.  If, in the opinion of the committee, there are no worthy recipients, the prize may be deferred for a year.
ABOUT DR. WARREN A. KRAMER - Dr. Warren A. Kramer was born July 16, 1896 in Franklin, Louisiana, on the Francis/Susie Sugar Cane Plantation owned by his family.  He attended elementary and secondary school in Franklin and earned a B.S. Degree at the University of Mississippi and a M.S. at Louisiana State University.  He received his Ph.D. in chemistry and chemical engineering from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.
After earning his Ph.D., he accepted a position with the water company in Chicago, Illinois.  He then became chief chemist with the St. Louis Water Division at the Chain of Rocks Water Plant.  In 1938, he joined the Missouri Division of Health and served as chief engineer of water supply until he resigned in 1965 to become vice president of the Missouri Water and Wastewater Technical School in Neosho, Missouri.  He also provided consultation services for various national, state and city organizations and facilities.
Dr. Kramer, affectionately called “Doc” by coworkers and friends, served for 31 years as secretary-treasurer of the Missouri Water and Sewerage Conference.  He also served several years as secretary/treasurer of the Missouri Section AWWA and a term as Director from Missouri to the National Board of Directors, AWWA.
In 1950, Dr. Kramer was presented with the George Warren Fuller Award of the American Water Works Association and in 1965 he received the W. Scott Johnson Award of the Missouri Public Health Association.  He was the recipient of the first W. Victor Weir Award of the Missouri Water and Sewerage Conference in 1968.
Numerous articles written by Dr. Kramer were published in the Missouri Water and Sewerage Conference Journal and News Bulletin.  He was editor of these publications from their beginning in 1941 until 1970.  He also authored articles published in the American Water Works Association Journal, as well as other publications.  In 1969, he wrote the basic manuscript of the Laboratory Manual for Waterworks Operators for the Missouri Division of Health.  The first copies came off the press the day of his death, January 12, 1970.
Dr. Kramer was an advocate of self-improvement and education and he believed in adult continuing education to help workers advance and stay current in their jobs.  To this end, he conducted many training sessions for water and wastewater operators.  He shared his vast knowledge of water purification and water conservation with all who would listen and learn.
Realizing the great need for operator training, he was one of two cofounders of the Missouri Water and Sewerage Technical School, started in 1960 in Neosho.  In 1965, Dr. Kramer joined the school as vice-president and directed fund-raising, the scholarship program and recruitment activities, as well as teaching some classes.  Through the school, Dr. Kramer conducted training courses in Jamaica to help that island country establish a better water system.  For many years the school trained operators from Missouri and around the country.  It became part of Crowder College in Neosho several years ago.
Dr. Kramer had a passion for providing clean drinking water and for maintaining the purity and beauty of our lakes, streams and rivers.  He worked tirelessly toward these goals and encouraged and trained others to continue this work.  He is remembered for his leadership in upgrading the waterworks facilities of towns across Missouri, for his insistence that water and wastewater operators be well trained and recognized for their efforts, and for inspiring a public appreciation for the water and wastewater industries.

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