MP Senior Operator

American Water
Arnold, MO

Primary Role

Performs the day-to-day operation and care of pumping and purification equipment and facilities for our Meremac Plant location. (Arnold, MO). Schedule: Rotating 8-hour shifts.

Key Accountabilities

  • Operates intake pumps, intake equipment, and low lift pumps either by remote or manual control to maintain proper water levels in basins, filters, and clear wells.
  • Regulates the operation of basin machinery such as flocculators, clarifiers, mixers, and pumps, and operates sludge valves and other miscellaneous equipment.
  • Operates, surface washes, and backwashes filters.
  • Selects proper filters for use. Works closely with Distribution Load Control Center and other
  • Operate high service pumps, tank and booster pumps safely within allowable power demand schedules so as to maintain prescribed pressures, basin, and clear well levels, and tank levels in the distribution system.
  • Remotely and/or manually operates or directs the operation of all chemical feeders (lime slakers, coagulant feeders, chlorinators, ammonia feeders, fluoride feeders, silica feeders, carbon feeders, etc.), chemical handling equipment (bin gates, hoists, storage tank valves and controls, etc.), and pneumatic chemical handling equipment (consisting primarily of blowers, dust collectors, and diverter valves).
  • Exercises responsible judgment and safety regarding electric high voltage switching operations such as occur when transferring electric load from one bus to another.
  • Keeps accurate station records.
  • Observes and reports equipment operating irregularities and improperly operating equipment (temperature, vibration, noise, leakage, etc.).
    Makes routine laboratory tests such as tests for residual chlorine, turbidity, alkalinity, pH, etc.


  • Performs maintenance card work on equipment within the buildings.
  • Keeps station and equipment clean.
  • Assists in making tests on pumps, meters, feeders, and miscellaneous equipment.
  • Cooperates and communicates with other Plant Operators, maintenance personnel, and supervision by telephone, radio, and written report in the best interest of customer service and company operations. 
  • As able, participates in work to protect equipment operations from hazardous conditions of all kinds (freezing, flood, etc.).
  • During certain periods of the year when the station is not in operation, the Operator will be assigned other work which the employee is capable of performing.


  • May be asked to demonstrate abilities and aptitudes through written and/or oral examinations and, at the completion of the training program, demonstrate the ability to operate the station.
  • H.S. Diploma or GED required



  • Able to be neat, reliable, resourceful, have a retentive memory, and to think and act promptly.
  • Able to fully cooperate and work with other employees.
  • Able to work effectively under pressure, have good speech habits, legible handwriting, and basic computer skills.
  • Able to read, understand, and accurately follow station operating instructions given by supervisor.
  • Able to discern between the relative importance of assigned duties, have the proper regard for time and equipment, and an awareness of the responsibility to safeguard the water supply.
  • Able to send and receive instructions by radio, phone, and computer.


  • Maintain a Water Treatment Operator certification at the level equal to or greater than the MODNR classification level of the plant.
  • MO Class A Water License Required

Pay Rate

Hourly rate of $38.25 upon successful completion of a probation period (120 days).




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