Water Operator Training Course (Level 1)

e-Learning Instructor-Led Course


February 10 - March 13, 2020

Course Description

This course introduces attendees to water operations and processes. You will learn the basic functions and responsibilities of most entry-level operators working at a treatment plant.

This course covers the water treatment basic concepts you need to know to pass an entry-level certification exam and/or gain employment in the water industry. This course also provides an excellent overview for current trainees or someone seeking to gain a thorough understanding of water treatment operations processes. In this course, you will learn the functions and responsibilities of an entry-level operator, as well as basic math, chemistry, and water treatment processes. Operators need to be knowledgeable in water treatment regulations and contaminants to do their jobs well and to protect public health, so this course covers those topics as well.

This course takes into consideration the Association Board of Certification Need-to-Know Criteria for water treatment operators.


60 hours / 5 weeks / 6 CEUs

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