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YP Tailgate - Tigers vs. Wildcats, October 27 - sponsored by Mo-AWWA, MWEA Vandevanter Engineering and Fluid Equipment

REV Flyer attached above  - Previous flyer shows the wrong address for event!  Correct location: The lawn on the corner of Tiger Ave and Conley Ave.   North of Turner Avenue Garage (look for MO-AWWA, MWEA and Cogent companies logo)


NOTE:   Also under Events - our 2019 AWWA/MWEA Joint Conference dates are March 31 - April 3, 2019

2018 Strategic Plan

Members of the Missouri Section Board met over a two day period in July to brainstorm and revise the Missouri Section's Strategic Plan.  A lot of work and effort from many went into this new document .  We are proud to present it to the membership.

2018 Mo-Section Strategic Plan

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the section's administrative manager, Gailla Rogers at


Imagine A Day Without Water

The alarm goes off and you turn on the faucet for that first drink in the morning but there is NO WATER.  You go to the bathroom but can’t flush the toilet because there is NO WATER.  You can’t shower.  You get to work and realize they are closed because just like the Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon, whatever you do, it is most likely dependent upon or requires water to be viable.  Finally, your spouse calls you from the doctor and everything that has happened up to this point in your day becomes relatively mundane because they tell you that one of your four children is weak and sick from dehydration.  This may all seem like Orwellian hyperbole, but for over 2 billion people in the world, it is reality.  To heighten awareness of this precious resource which we habitually take for granted, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) has declared October 10 “Imagine a Day Without Water “. 

In the third world, all the events above occur in a typical day.  There is no need to imagine it.  Their first waking thoughts and most of their day are consumed with acquiring enough water to survive, often walking miles to carry it back to their homes.  Here, we put more water on our lawns in a day than most third world families use in 60 days just to survive.  There, one in four children under five die of water related inadequacies.  And now, it is not just in the developing world that water crises exist.  There are numerous highly developed and established locations from Cape Town, South Africa to California where the lack of water dominates headlines, politics, and peoples’ daily lives.  Many world conflicts have their roots in water wars and ISIS is now using water—or control thereof—as a weapon.

Thankfully, we only have to imagine a day without water. And while the water systems we use require complex processes, long range planning, and billions of dollars of infrastructure, it only costs us about 60 cents a day.  Relative to the value of water, that is dirt cheap.  Literally.  A gallon of water costs you over 20 times LESS than a gallon of dirt. Clean, affordable water requires an appropriately informed stewardship responsibility.  The next time you use water, which will be soon, think about using only for essentials.  Simple things like turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth can have an impact.  Irrigation systems can be turned off when it’s raining or has rained.  Temper social media misinformation that public water is a “chemical soup”, with the facts of decades of scientific research and studies that have proven over and over that the treatment processes we benefit from, are among the greatest public health achievements.  

The next time your water system or utility brings forth an initiative for a new water source or infrastructure to implement a water source, realize it is for you, your children, and grandchildren. Along with air, water is the most necessary essential for life itself.  There is NO substitute for WATER.  .  We aren’t important to water.  It’s the other way around.  A public utility or water entity can store, treat, and deliver the water.  But they can’t create it. It is a gift for all of us-- of which we are all stewards.

To imagine days without water is to cease to be able to imagine anything at all.  Because, if there is NO WATER, there is NO FUTURE.  Better said—WATER is our FUTURE.


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The next Board of Directors meeting will be Friday, November 2 at Stoney Creek Hotel in Columbia, MO